Robotic Process Automation

LinkageIT is a strategic technology alliance & reseller of UiPath & Automation Anywhere business partners and a global RPA integrator. We help small, medium and large enterprises to analyze, structure and deploy a digital workforce and achieve cost efficiency and almost instant Return on Investment (ROI). An enterprise can get Full-time Equivalent (FTE) of its full-time employees to be more productive instead of doing their repetitive tasks inefficiently.

We enable AI-powered automation to transform and deploy digital workforce which is flawless and productive enough to be doing their job with zero errors and many times the productivity.

Are you having any high-volume, repeatable process that is driven by business rules? Automating that process using RPA can benefit you!

How UiPath RPA is different from other Enterprise Automation Tools?

In contrast to other, traditional IT solutions, UiPath RPA allows organizations to automate at a fraction of the cost and time previously encountered. UiPath is also non-intrusive in nature and leverages the existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems, which would be difficult and costly to replace. With UiPath RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer an operating cost but a byproduct of the automation


LinkageIT UiPath trainers are certified UiPath developers who have extensive experience in working on real-time enterprise engagements and creating UiPath workflows. Following services in brief


  • UiPath Developer Foundation 5 days instructor-led training
  • UiPath Developer Advanced 5 days instructor-led training
  • Provide Certified consultants on Time and Material basis
  • Understand customer process automation requirements and execute engagements on fix priced basis


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